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Agrotorimena S.L.

We are a vegetables producer, packer and distributor thus completing the process from farm to fork. We always take care of the details and this is the reason we have located our transformation plant in the middle of our fields, to have the fresher products and to keep controlled the cold chain all the time. With extensive experience in the industry, we are highly regarded for our organic, zero waste and conventional crops.Agrotorimena just grows quality seeds from the best Spanish seed nurseries. We are proud to say that the size and the different locations where we grow our crops allow us to have annual availability in different products. A strong investment, sustainable development, research and innovation are the values that have set the path for Agrotorimena to achieve our sole aim, supply the market with high quality products.



Our lands arrangement allows us to produce the best crops at any time of year, this gives us an edge over our competitors, keeping an excellent quality production the whole summer.



We are exclusively focused in quality production and therefore the latest technological advances are applied in our premises, located in the middle of our different crops, by our valued human capital with extensive experience in the industry.



We supply the market with the highest quality organic and conventional products, being certified by the most demanding institutions, at both national and international levels. We are also flexible and able to adapt to the specific requirements of our customers.

Organic Farming

In Agrotorimena we are committed to integrating organic food into our lives, using the latest production systems aimed to obtain high quality products, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable rural development, ruling out the use of genetically modified organisms and the use of toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We have opted for the best seeds available for each crop and we have established good relationships with the best seed nurseries in the country. Agrotorimena commitment to organic farming and sustainable development is granted by the CAAE Certification Service, register Nº 21733.

Export to Europe

From Agrotorimena we are serving both organic and conventional produce to over a dozen European countries. Onions, peppers, aubergines, courguettes, cauliflower or broccoli are some of the products we are sending to countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, Poland. We are always trying to anticipate our customers’ needs and adapt to their requirements.

Our experience and expertise in the collection, packaging and distribution of different fruits and vegetables makes us one of the first Spanish producers supplying Europe, where demanding customers rate us highly due to the excellent quality we serve.

Careful and thoughtful treatment of our lands and products always maintaining the cold chain during handling, storage and transport in addition to product availability throughout the year leads us to be recognized by our clients as a benchmark in the European horticultural market.